Aristocratic education

Education is one of those things that truly sets the aristocracy part form the rest of society; for an aristocrat, education is both an essential element of their world, and to a lesser extent the right of passage into the society of aristocrats, even more than money. 
Education is what gives the aristocratic world its spark. Discussions on History, Literature, and Politics replace discussions of sports and television. Knowledge of the finer aspects of Western civilization replace complaints of taxes and corrupt politicians. The aristocrat knows the world is imperfect and does not get upset when problems arise, he is in pursuit of an altogether different thing: refinement.

An aristocrat should know the following before claiming to pursue the aristocratic ideal:
1-A knowledge of the great Greek philosophers, their main tenants and key movements in the West which challenged these schools. Further, an understanding of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam; plus a basic understanding of Buddhist teachings. This coupled with a knowledge of Satanism, Paganism, and some Occultism.
2- Beyond a thorough knowledge of English, a reading/spoken knowledge of French, German, Italian and Spanish is also necessary. A reading knowledge of Latin, and at least some Greek is also necessary.
3- A knowledge of mathematics, at least enough to make change, and calculate appropriate tip, but also a basic knowledge of Algebra and Geometry.
4- A knowledge of History, at least enough to know the order of the ages of Europe: Antique, Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Enlightenment, Victorian, Modern; and to know the elements significant of each.
5- A knowledge of Literature, having read works form each of the ages listed above, as well as such key authors as  Shakespeare, Byron, Austin, Thackeray, Dickens, Poe, Tolkien, Chesterton, Lewis and a few more of your choice.  Literature is often the true repository of aristocratic knowledge, such tools as film, and the internet while more convenient and seductive should not distract from reading. Language is a mush more dignified vehicle of culture than film.
6- A knowledge of music whether one can sing or play an instrument. He/she should know classical and the different types of it as well as Jazz, and big band; as well as a basic knowledge of Rock and Roll.