Aristocratic fashion

Fashion, as someone once said, is the single strongest form of non-verbal communication. It defines your attitude and gives a strong indication of what to expect of you by the way you dress. 

Fashion is also a means of showing respect for those around you. To be well dressed says you value the company of those with whom you associate, and the society in which you live. Aristocrats know this and the code of dress is important in their world. More than that though, aristocrats seek to inspire by their dress so the term "dressing well" needs to be clarified. Standards are the bread and butter of the aristocrat, so when preparing to meet the world certain standards are going to apply. At this point the standards of dress for men still adhere to the canons established in the 20th century; there are many styles therefore to choose from. 
One key element though is that not only does the aristocrat uphold standards of dress, but seeks to inspire as well, so even if most people have abandoned the canons of style, the aristocrat will not; which may at times make him look like an eccentric. He is, in some senses an eccentric, for he does not seek to be at the center of fashion, but at the top. Nevertheless he.she will know how to dress for an occasion, so his appearance will always be pleasant, and will make those who are present fell comfortable yet inspire dignity and manners.