What is Aristocratic style?

Aristocracy is as old as humanity. The ancient Greek philosophers recognized the importance of individuals excelling and setting the standard for the rest; they also spoke of them keeping a certain distance form the others so as not to be relaxed in their pursuit of the ideal.


But what is aristocratic style? It is basically a desire to embody an ideal, the physical representation of what man should be, but frequently is not, or can be and rarely achieves. Sometimes this ideal is a military one, sometimes a political one, sometimes a cultural one; but it is always an ideal. Napoleon embodied it when he stepped out and offered his troops the right to shoot him; and no one did. They recognized in him the ideal of a general, a leader and a military genius. Humanity needs ideals, and it needs people to embody them; this is the job of the aristocrat. Aristocratic style is the living embodiment of the civilized man, the elegant man, the brave man. Since he is an ideal, he will frequently not feel himself bound by the conformities of the day or people with whom he lives; he may frequently be seen as an eccentric, but in fact his life is different.

The elements of aristocratic style are: